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the lightning's bad but at least it's not loud

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Hello there!
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 Hello, you've stumbled onto the journal of Dan Morris.  I'm a cartoonist based in the southeastern United States also looking to getting into teaching comics or sequential art on a college level.  Feel free to add me to your friends list or follow me on your RSS feed.    I mostly write about comics, movies, and art on here and how the three relate to each other.  Sometimes I talk about life which doesn't involve comics which usually does involve comics.  If I don't add you back, don't worry.  I probably haven't seen seen that you've added me.  I recommend adding a comment to let me know you have added me!  Tell me a little about yourself and I'll add you as soon as you have.  Anyways enjoy the writing and I hope not to be boring.  Feel free to comment and get some discussion going.  That's what this journal meant to do.


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