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Move to Massachusetts was successful.  Christa and I with a few bumps have moved into our first home.  Still looking for work.  Also getting ready to hop back on the comics wagon.  Its been too long.  Posting about comics should resume shortly.

Anyways, awhile ago my friend Annah asked me about five things that she associates with me awhile ago so I thought that I should be kind enough to respond.

King City

I'm a huge fan of King City and in particular it's creator Brandon Graham.  I discovered Brandon's work when I worked at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find and the first issue of his series Multiple Warheadz came out.  Anyways, I fell in love with his work after reading that first issue. There's no one really making comics like he does today.  Also when I read his comics for the first time, it came across like a guy who was making comics that was reading the comics I had been reading when I was growing up.  Brandon helped me realize that it was okay to like Dragonball Z and to tell people that I thought certain "important" comics just didn't do it for me.  King City is Brandon's longest work to date and will be released by Image Comics in a huge collection sometime this month.  It's well worth the read.

Old Movies
There was a brief period where I didn't want to do comics, I wanted to make movies and that instilled a love in me for cinema.  I took a film class in high school that exposed me among other things to Akira Kurosawa, Kevin Smith's Clerks, and Chinatown.  I really loved that class.  In my teens, I had a huge appreciation for the film brats generation of the 1970s American directors like Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola.  As I've grown as an individual, my love for cinema has continued to grow too (along with my love of comics).  My favorite period right as I'm going through The Criterion Collection's films are Japanese films from the Fifties through 70s.  Directors like Akira Kurosawa, Shohei Immamura, and Kaneto Shindo really made these wonderful, unconventional films that used genre films to make bold statements about Japanese society.  Really though I love older films because there's a real sense of discovery there absent from many modern films.

Chocolate Milk
There's not real story here.  I like chocolate milk a lot.  I tend to drink it whenever I can.  Its probably one reason why I'm fat now.

Dragonforce?  I don't think I've ever talked about Dragonforce!  My only experience with Dragonforce is seriously the end of Guitar Hero and man, that is one hard song to play.  I talk a lot about metal and have started listening to a lot of it in the last 5-6 months but Dragonforce is a little outside the stuff I usually listen to on my Ipod.

The Color Green
I'm sure when a lot of people think of the color green, they might look at it as a rather sickly color.  For me, it's a rather peaceful color.  Growing up, I got stuck going on a lot of camping trips and getting stuck spending most of my weekends in the woods.  I spent lot of time by myself on those trips and while at the time I did not enjoy them, looking back those were very peaceful times in a rather emotionally turbulent adolescence.  I also grew up around computers in the 80s and computer screens used to be black and green so that's a possible reason I find those colors I find rather comforting.


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