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Mini-Analysis of Edward Scissorhands
phoo action
Edward Scissorhands, 1990, 20th Century Fox

Directed by Tim Burton
Starring Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Alan Arkin, Dianne Wiest

Watching Edward Scissorhands for the first time in ages and I don't like this movie very much.  Visually it's a fine movie but everything else about this movie is too simplistic.  I get it's supposed to be a "fairy tale" but the story is too grounded in any reality for that to really work.  Other than Edward, nothing else feels like its otherworldly.  This isn't like other screen fairy tales like Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast nor even more recent fairy tales by Terry Gilliam like Time Bandits and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. We're supposed to accept how magical this guy is simply because he looks like different.   Why should I care about this guy just because he can make awesome topiary?  The character is too much of a non-personality to really care when pretty much everyone turns on him.  This is the problem with whole film; we're just supposed accept things because we're told to accept them not because of the actions of the characters.  We're supposed to accept Winona Ryder's character falling for Edward even though they don't really interact at all.  We're supposed accept that everyone in town rejects Edward simply because he breaks into a home.  None of this works for me as a viewer at all.  Eventually the thesis of the story just comes down to an over simplification of weirdo outsider equals good while normal folk equals bad.  There's nothing really profound, interesting, nor truly personal except the visuals in this movie at all.


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